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Anybody here? Edit

Yo is there anyone here? -- 03:56, July 21, 2013 (UTC)

Hey,dragonheart fan here,never looked up this wiki before.Love the movie,I watched it when i was 9 and it's still my favourite.It's quite a shame that there was a second one without Draco .They present 2 more dragons as the definite last ones,which contradicts what Draco said in the first movie and that disapoints me.Lots of love if there are other fans out there. -Margarita

Hi! Another DH fan here, likewise loved the film as a kid, and have just recently watched the sequel. I'd love to talk to people about the films and contribute to the content of this wiki! @Margarita: "Lord Osrick" makes a point of saying he snuck away (to the east), AND somehow takes on human form, so I don't think it's unreasonable to assume that either Draco didn't know he was still alive or just didn't count him as still being a dragon (human form / no dragonheart). Similarly, Draco's GF could have hid the egg in his/their cave (for whatever reason) so he was genuinely unaware he had a son, or he might not have expected the egg to hatch / didn't count the egg as being a dragon (yet) etc... So I like to think that Draco was being sincere when he said he was the last of his kind :? Either way, "Lord Osrik" definatly dies in DH2 and for all we know Drake is definatly the be all and end all, unless there are any lady dragons out there hiding in human form? I hope I'll catch someone on here for a chat sometime <3  Filthy Peasant (talk) 15:24, August 23, 2014 (UTC)

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