Species Human
Eye Color Green
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Occupation Rebel Leader
Affiliation Kara
Family Kara (daughter)
Bowen (son-in-law)
Died 996 A.D.
First Appearance Dragonheart
Only Appearance Dragonheart
Last Appearance Dragonheart
Portrayed by Terry O'Neill
Voiced by Terry O'Neill

Redbeard, true name Riagon, was the rebel leader against King Freyne. King Einon avenges his father's death by killing Redbeard while he was working in the quarry, with an arrow through his heart. He was also the father of Kara. And he was also known as rational, inspirational, aspiring, good-tempered, optimistic, noble, reverent, encouraging, brave, educated, loving, laid-back, easy-going, accountable, dignified, even-tempered, relaxed, realistic, empathetic, determined, big-hearted, eager, assertive, resourceful, diligent, fatherly, protective and wise.

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