Gareth Profile
Species Human
Eye Color Brown
Gender Male
Status Alive (Dragonheart 3: The Sorcerer's Curse)
Deceased (Dragonheart: Battle for the Heartfire)
Age 22 (3)
72 (4)
Occupation Knight
Britannia King
Affiliation Drago
Family Rhonu (wife; deceased)
Walter (son; deceased)
Edric (grandson)
Mehgan (granddaughter)
Born 862 AD
Died 934 AD
First Appearance Dragonheart 3: The Sorcerer's Curse
Only Appearance {{{Only Appearance}}}
Last Appearance Dragonheart: Battle for the Heartfire
Portrayed by Julian Morris (3)
Valeriu Bazu (4)
Voiced by {{{Voiced by}}}

Gareth is an orphan who joined Sir Horsa's squires in order to become a knight. He is the main protagonist of Dragonheart 3: The Sorcerer's Curse.


Dragonheart 3: The Sorcerer's CurseEdit

At some point in his youth, Gareth joined Sir Horsa's squires and trained for several years to become a knight. During his final days of training, Gareth and his fellow squires were ordered to collect taxes from the poor citizens of the kingdom. However, Gareth comes up short due to his unwillingness to take a clay worker's last pieces of gold and because of this, Sir Horsa refuses to knight him.

Still obsessed with becoming a knight even after facing his moral dilemma, Gareth left the kingdom in search of a shooting star, hoping to find and sell it to make up for the missing taxes and buy his way into knighthood. He arrived to find a large crater surrounding what looked like a giant meteorite. After attempting to chip away at the stone's outer shell, Gareth found that the meteorite is not stone at all, but instead an enormous dragon whom he calls Drago clutching several eggs with shells of gold.

Luckily for Gareth, a group of Celts, who had also come to pillage the fallen star, interrupted his confrontation with the massive beast which ignored him and began fiercely defending the eggs from the new foe. In the chaos, one of the eggs was launched into the air but caught by Gareth rather than cracking on the ground. Gareth attempted to escape with the egg but was mortally wounded by one of the remaining Celts who was quickly dealt with by the dragon. Not knowing of his selfish intentions, the dragon was thankful for Gareth's aid and shared his heart with him, saving his life.

Although Gareth initially lies about being a knight to gain Drago's trust, he eventually proves himself knight-worthy by aiding Drago in protecting the eggs and forming a close bond with him and the druid Lorne who found Gareth unconscious in the forest after Drago saved his life.

Dragonheart: Battle for the HeartfireEdit

Having ruled over Britannia for many years as king, Gareth is old and did not have much time to live. It is revealed that he and Rhonu married and had a son named Walter who, although Gareth loved him, did not have much time for him because of his tasks as king of the kingdom and helping Drago raise the dragons he had brought to the land. Walter lost his mother after the dragon she was bonded died tragically when struck by lightning. Disconsolate, prince Walter decided to abandon his future throne and leave the kingdom, saying that the dragons have done nothing but take everything that was dear to him. Gareth sent to Drago to look for his lost son several times but was never successful. Years later, king Gareth passes away and his throne would be inherited by his twin grandchildren, Edric and Mehgan.

Personality Edit

Gareth is cunning, loyal and more heroic than he knows, eventually realizing the corruption of Sir Horsa's knights and opting to aid his new friends and inspires many positive changes in the kingdom, being the one to bring back the Old Code.


  • Expert swordsman: Gareth has a good ability to handle with the sword that surpasses any knight as Sir Horsa what his ability to be knight.
  • High pain tolerance: The resistance of Gareth to continue fought even when he receives wounds is high that in a moment when he received an arrow in the heart when he was distracted by the golden dragon eggs, Gareth although the source of his life was wounded, he still had the capacity to defend himself with his sword for a while before nearly dying.
  • Temporary Shadow Jumping: When Drago was under the curse of the sorcerer Brude, he had gained the ability to teleport through the shadows and as Gareth was united with Drago from that moment, Gareth also had gained this ability until the end of the curse.

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