Dragonheart 4: Battle for the Heartfire
Director Patrik Syversen
Production Company Universal Studios
Writer Matthew Feitshans
Release date June 13, 2017
Running time 98 minutes
MPAA Rating PG-13
Continuity Films

Dragonheart 4: Battle for the Heartfire is an American-British-Romanian fantasy adventure film directed by Patrik Syversen. It is the second direct-to-video prequel in the series, and it takes place about fifty years after the events of Dragonheart 3: The Sorcerer's Curse. Like it's predecessor, it will take place many years before the first film. It was released on Netflix and DVD/Blu-Ray on June 13, 2017.


Patrick Stewart voices Drago, the magnificent dragon who became bonded with King Gareth. When the king dies, his potential heirs, twin grandchildren who possess the dragon’s unique strengths, use their inherited powers against each other to vie for the throne. When Drago’s source of power – known as the Heartfire – is stolen, more than the throne is at stake; the siblings must end their rivalry with swords and sorcery or the kingdom may fall.



A sequel was first hinted at by writer Matthew Feitshans soon after the video release of the series' third film in 2015. The writer later confirmed his involvement in a fourth film on his twitter account, along with new director Patrik Syversen who will take over filming after Colin Teague declined to return. The budget is reportedly almost twice the size of the third film's following its surprise success.The great warriors raise.

Filming began in Romania on April 12th, 2016 at Corvin Castle in Hunedoara Romania and wrapped on May 6th with the rest of filming completed in late 2016.

A teaser featuring stock footage from the third film appeared on the home release of Warcraft.


Matthew Feitshans, the writer of the third and fourth films, implied that work on a script for the fifth film has already begun, but no other information is known.


  • Patrick Stewart as Drago (voice)
  • André Eriksen as Thorgrim
  • Tom Rhys Harris as Edric
  • Jessamine-Bliss Bell as Mehgan
  • Dina De Laurentiis as Kendra
  • Stig Frode Henriksen as Leiknarr
  • Martin Hutson as Osmund
  • Orjan Gamst as Krokr
  • Marte Germaine Christensen as Sable
  • Edouard Philipponnat as Tomi
  • Minhea Trusca as Woodsman
  • Elija Ungarvy as Spaki
  • Mihai Hurduc as Juggler
  • Tamzin Merchant as Queen Rhonu
  • Valeriu Bazu as King Gareth
  • Ioachim Ciobanu